Drive In Racking

With the elimination of aisles between racks you can increase your storage capacity by over 80% but a rigorous management system is required.
Drive In.
This provides access from only one aisle which is ideal for a last in first out operation (LIFO). Ideal for non-perishable goods.
Drive Through
This type allows access from 2 aisles providing a First In First Out operation. While this demands a stringent management system it is ideal and the most cost effective system for maximising your available space for a fast moving environment.
Drive In Racking
The ultimate is space utilisation. Design for fast moving, homogenous product.
  • Maximum space utilisation. Up to 85%.
  • Removal of aisles between racking.
  • Rigorous control of entries and exits.
  • Uses standard fork lift trucks.
  • Drive through option.