Racking Protection and Accessories

Pallet racking is usually subjected to heavy use and is therefore prone to accidental damage. Vincent can provide a whole array of racking protection equipment and accessories, a selection of the products available are detailed below.
  • Frame / upright protection.
  • Safety barriers.
  • Aisle barriers.
We also supply pallet racking accessories to accommodate all your storage requirement. An assortment of our accessories are listed below.
  • Pallet supports.
  • Drum chocks.
  • Coil cradles.
  • Fork spacers.
  • Steel and timber shelf panels.
  • Mesh decking.
  • Guide rails.
Racking Protection and Accessories
Ask about our extensive range of pallet racking protection equipment and accessories to protect and adapt your pallet racking investment.
  • Prevent damage and ultimate failure of your pallet racking.
  • Protect your product from damage.
  • Minimise the health and safety risk to your employees.
  • Can be retro fitted.