Mobile Shelving

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The design of a mobile shelving system lets you get the most out of your workspace by utilising the maximum amount of floor space with a highly efficient storage solution.

Differing from traditional shelving, mobile shelving systems allow the use of all of your available space for storage as you only need the space for one access aisle. Simply move the shelving unit to create an aisle for access to your particular item, allowing up to 100% more storage capacity than that of a regular shelving system and 300% more that that of a filing cabinet.

Mobile shelving is available with an easy to use hand wheel mechanism which lets you move the shelving to create aisles as required.

Our mobile shelving systems can be fitted with graphic end panels that can include any design such as your corporate graphics, a commissioned photograph or any image of your choice to make a vibrant and attractive addition to your workspace.

We have a mobile system for any type of storage you require,  from large bulky items to document/file storage and archiving. Out team of experts will work with you to design the most effective solution to meet you requirements.

Whether you require mobile shelving for large, bulky items or storage for files or document archiving, our range of mobile shelving will provide the most effective solution to meet your requirements. Our designers will work with you to identify your needs and tailor the most appropriate mobile shelving solution to suit.