Multi-Tiered Shelving

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Running out of space, increase your storage capacity without the need to extend or re-locate with a multi-tiered shelving system. Intermediate floors are supported by the rack or shelving structure, eliminating the need for a structural floor.
A multi-tiered shelving system is ideal where floor space is limited but have building height available.
  • Ideal archive storage and order picking.
  • Can be designed to use any of our storage systems.
  • The most efficient use of your floor space.
Multi-tiered storage systems must comply with Building Regulations.
Multi-Tiered Shelving
Not enough room for your existing stores ?  Why not extend your stores in to your available space, above the stores !
  • Double and multi-tier options.
  • Eliminate the need to move.
  • Increase stores capacity.
  • Pedestrian and product lifts available.
  • May be possible to adapt existing shelving to suit.