Anti-Collapse Mesh

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Anti-collapse mesh or Anti-spill mesh for pallet racking helps create a safe and secure working environment for warehouse racking systems. It is essential for installations of single sided pallet racking where people have access behind the racking, where they may be exposed to the danger of falling items.

Anti-collapse mesh or Anti-spill mesh can be fitted to all pallet racking systems and its modular design comes in a range of sizes.

Anti-collapse mesh or Anti-spill mesh is manufactured from a welded tubular frame and steel mesh. A stand-off bracket allow adjustability, can be fitted from ground up or above first beam level allowing access to ground level pallet locations.
Anti-Collapse Mesh
Create a safe environment within your storage facility with an Anti-collapse Mesh back installed to your pallet racking.
  • Provides protection from falling objects.
  • Products remain visible.
  • Does not impact on the efficiency or effectiveness of a sprinkler system.
  • Limits the access for FLT’s to one side thus creating a safe walkway for pedestrians.