Storage Mezzanine Floors

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You’re paying for all that lost space above you, so you may as well do something with it. At a minimum with allowable headspace you can double your area. There is no need to move or extend your building. Vincent Interior Contracts Ltd have the mezzanine floor solution to meet your bespoke requirements.

Whether it’s a single or a multi-tier mezzanine you can increase your storage space within your existing area. Following our free site survey and consultancy service, Vincent can design, supply and install storage solutions integrated within the mezzanine. Our systems range from shelving to pallet racking.
Storage Mezzanine Floors
Maximise your storage capacity with the addition of a storage mezzanine. Designed specifically around your environment and product.
  • Free survey and design service.
  • We handle Building Regulations and Planning Approvals.
  • Extendable and Re-Locatable.
  • Full and extensive fit-out services.