Fully Glazed Partitions

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Single Glazed Partitions – Our System 8000 partition allows light to flood through the workplace to create an ambience of space yet providing office areas where application and ingenuity may flourish.
Available in either straight striking lines, facets or the most graceful curves. System 8000 minimalist form radiates elegance and sophistication in all kinds of surroundings.
Designed with the minimum of components, enabling speed of build without conceding on strength or rigidity. This silicone jointed yet virtually frameless system has no vertical posts between panels, corners or three way junctions.

Double Glazed Partitions – The essence of modern partitioning, bringing a dramatic design to the division of office space being further enhanced by spectacular glass decoration. Creating an environment for unrestrained and stimulated work, its simplistic method of installation, acoustic properties and its ability for easy relocation make it practical too.
Fully Glazed Partitions
A frameless glass partition brings clear aesthetic values providing a contemporary and modern feeling.
  • Keep that open office feeling.
  • Creative detailing with corporate logos.
  • Seamless joints.
  • Single or double glazed.
  • Fire rating to 60 minutes.