Washrooms and Toilets

At Vincent Interior Contracts Ltd we are passionate about creating the right image for our customers. We believe a washroom is a public statement of your values and the regard you hold for the comfort of your staff and customers alike.

Washrooms, shower rooms and toilet facilities may be considered low on the list when considering an ever tightening facilities budget but they figure high on the list for staff.

Visitors to your company expect the washroom to reflect the professional image and culture that your reception and offices display rather than an unpleasant voyage of discovery !

Our dedicated team of interior designers work closely with our space planning teams to ensure that every aspect of your interior fit-out meets the same high standard. Whether it be basic washroom facilities, facilities for toddlers or a large swimming wet room and changing area, Vincent has the knowledge and expertise to deliver.
Washrooms and Toilets
The workplace, environment and hygiene are prime motivators to your employees. A refurbished wash room will work wonders in elevating employee motivation.
  • Close off unsightly pipework and systems with an IPS system.
  • Vinyl flooring with coved skirting.